A Busier Life

At Week 36, I went for my last check on the baby and found that my amnio fluid was low. The doctor advised me to get hospitalised so they could monitor the baby and me.

They monitored me for five days and everything was good. But I have to continue my stay in hospital as they will induce me the very next day. I thought, ‘Oh my! I’m going to give birth soon!’.They insert a medication which ripens the cervical so that I’m ready to give birth sooner. This took me another four days! So I gave birth at the end of the fifth day since they induced me. They wanted the baby to ‘cook’ more, until it was exactly Week 38.

In the delivery suite, I was waiting for my labour pain to begin and when it started, I requested for epidural. It didn’t work for me. Only to find out a few months later that it’s due to my scoliosis. So don’t waste money on epidural if you have scoliosis. I ended getting relieve from using laughing gas.

I can’t share how often is the pain, because I was not calm enough to keep track.

It was the longest hospital stay of my entire life so far.

After that day, my busier life began.


Countdown: 79 Days

Hi Everyone!

I have been extremely busy the past one month. Even though, I very much wanted to keep updating Wellness with Sunshine blog, I think there will be a break for now until I am less busy with my personal life.

It’s 79 days to my due date. It’s been an exciting and tiring journey so far. My latest HbA1c was 4.8%. It’s a jaw dropping result to a lot of people. But well, thanks to insulin, or rather, thanks to pregnancy.

I am busy not only cooking for my recovering Mom, who had her surgery in August but also clearing a room of junk for my dearest baby girl who will be joining us in December. There are still quite a lot of things which belongs to my husband and he has to clear them soon. I am also selling some preloved items online so I could make some money for my baby girl’s savings. Yes, she has started saving money! Haha!

Besides all the above, I am still writing a lot. But more on a secret blog which is dedicated to my baby girl. It will be kept secret as long as she wants because there are lots of personal life updates in her blog. I hope she likes it.

Oh! And I wouldn’t stop learning. So yes – I just got a statement of accomplishment in ‘The Clinical Psychology of Children and Young People’ form University of Edinburgh. That was to prepare myself for motherhood and I enjoyed the course a lot.

Anyway, that’s all for now. I’m already in my third trimester and getting tired very easily. So I’m sleeping soon.

I hope everyone is in good health, physically, mentally and emotionally.

Good night everyone!

In health,